20+ Top Hanging Plants Tips!

Having a hanging plant at home is an easy thing. The atmosphere will become comfortable with soothing green views. Here are the Top Hanging Plants Tips! This article contains 5 alternative pots that can be used as planting media.

1. Used Bottle Drinks

Drink bottles are often a serious problem in waste treatment. Because plastic bottles use materials that are difficult to decipher naturally. By reusing drink bottles, the amount of plastic waste will decrease. It can start with turning it to a plant pot.

The color of the plastic bottle can be prettier by using paint. Coat the outside of the bottle with colorful paint so the room is more radiant. Then arrange the bottles in a vertical position and hang using a rope. Then, make a hole in the right and left sides of the bottle to where the hangers pass. To beautify the hanging plant, select small plants.

2. Used Cup

Used cups that have been broken or faded colors can be used as hanging plant pots. Put the soil and a little fertilizer into the cup. Then plant cactus or succulent.

The cup can then be placed on a board nailed to the wall. This decoration can beautify the kitchen, dining room and family room. The combination of classic cups and small plants can make the aesthetic value in the room increase rapidly.

3. Large Pipe

Pipes do not only function as water suppliers. This object can use for hydroponic plants and be used as hanging plants. The industrial ambiance will appear with the addition of black pipes in the room.

The trick, cut the pipe as needed. The hole above the pipe in a square or circle. Fill the pipe with soil or other planting media. Then cover the ends of the pipe with a cloth or other cover so that the planting media does not spill.

Then, plant the plants from the upper hole of the pipe. Hang a pipe with a rope. Or support on the wall of the house. This decoration can be installed inside or outside the room. Adjust the color of the pipe with the wall.

4. Glass

The broken glass should not be thrown away. This can be a creative ornament and add the aesthetic value of the room. Top Hanging Plants Tips! The fourth is to use a glass that is slightly cracked or dull to make a flower pot.

Choose small flowering plants, and plant them in a glass. To add a beautiful, mysterious impression, place the glass pot individually. If usually a few pots are placed in a row, the pot of this glass will be very beautiful in its own place. For example as a barrier to the line of books on a hanging rack. Or it can be hung in front of a large mirror in the room.

5. Big box

This large box is usually hanging outside of the house. Plants that are suitable for large pots are plants that stretch or stretch long. The aim is to create green curtains from tree trunks and leaves.

Top Hanging Plants Tips! this will give the impression of calm and calm in a hot outdoor area. To treat plants, water regularly every day. Unless if the rainy season has arrived,

Top Hanging Plants Tips above can do easily at home. Create a cool and beautiful house by planting trees even in small quantities and small sizes. This is a form of concern for the condition of the earth that has been polluted so much that the air is no longer clean and healthy.