27+ Who Else Wants to Learn About Easter Decorations Ideas

Easter is always a joyful moment for everyone. From the eggs to the rabbit, from the decoration to its color, this celebration will be loaded with happiness. That is why the preparation is also big. Use your creativity and make your Easter decorations ideas. Sometimes you just need to look around. Be sure that there are a lot of useful things to be crafted.

Having a homemade decoration should not spend your budget. In this article, you will find easter decorations ideas which very easy to do and budget friendly. These ideas also need your imagination. Whether you are expected to celebrate Easter with a family or friends, these projects are surely impressed by your guests:

1. Balloons Decoration

Who does not love balloons? Using balloons is also ease you to make up the room. Because a balloon has a similar shape with egg. Flip its position and you will find a big rubber there. All you need is just tape, paints with the brush, and of course balloons. We are sure you are already known what to do with the balloons. Yes, after the balloons are ready, take the paint and the brush. Choose a color matched with your theme. Start to paint the balloons but do not too thick. When it is dry, put on the corner or wherever you want by using the tape.

2. Bunny Napkin Crafting with the napkin? Why not. This one could be your easter decorations ideas. Cheap, easy, and very useful. It is also interesting to see. There are so many tutorials about this decoration. You may find it on Pinterest, YouTube, or someone’s blog DIY tutorial. Start from the very simple until the most complicated shape. As our suggestion, use a cotton or linen material. But if you do not have any napkin, the rabbit will be as catchy by using the tissue.

3. Egg Candle

Not only the napkin, but candles can also be your Easter decorations ideas. If you see the DIY candle on the internet, maybe it looks so hard. But just try it first. Making a candle is not that difficult. First, break the egg slowly so you still have a proper shape. Second, fill the eggshell with melted wax. Make sure it is already dry before you fill it. Third, put a thick and let it dry. You may also color it with paint or cover with papers.

4. Paper Bag Flowers

Environmentally friendly decoration becomes a new trend among people. If your concern about it, now is the time to reuse the paper bags. Besides the paper bags, you also need a glue gun, scissors, and marker or pencil to make the flowers. Cut the bottom of the bag. After you have a wider surface, draw some flower petals. Then cut it off, followed its pattern. Glue all the petals one by one. Follow your creativity to make this project. These flowers can be hung on the corner you want.

5. Egg Trophy

“Filling up your basket with eggs!” You may be familiar with this instruction when you are a child. It is fun to see children look around, find the eggs, and fill their basket. Since Easter is full of joy, so everyone is the winner. To appreciate them all, you can give an egg trophy. It will be a cheap and memorable gift. Put the egg trophy as the Easter decoration ideas. To make this happen, you only need plastic glass, a gun glue, colorful empty eggs, and paint with its brush. Flip the glass and glue the eggs on it. Finish the trophy by coloring with paint.

To make an unforgettable celebration, you just need to prepare things with all your heart. Easter decorations ideas above are just several things. You can also try homemade food for your easter. It is very good for you to use your creativity.