29+ The One Thing to Do for Eclectic Living Room

The War Against Eclectic Living Room

An eclectic style is sometimes confusing. Especially for beginner interior designers. There are many rules that can be hit, but also must be careful not to look excessive. The one thing to do for eclectic living room design is being brave. The right way to face the challenge is to be creative. Here are some suggestions that can be followed to design an eclectic style room.

1. Use Lot Of Pattern, But Do Repetition

An eclectic style allows a designer to use several patterns in a room. However, repeat the pattern several times too. For example, there are floral patterns on the carpet and geometric patterns on the chair cushions. Repeat the same flower pattern in other parts, for example on the table lamp cover. Or repeat in other parts so that it still looks similar.

This repetition will unite all the contents of a very diverse room. It also can be a barrier so that the pattern used is not too wide. The designer also can repeat other patterns in the nearest room so the house is still in one big theme.

2. Select One Basic Color

The basic color will help the room looks nice even though there are many differences. Choose a neutral color and brush the paint onto a small piece of wood. Bring the wood when you shop for the room.

The goal is that the items purchased have the same or still in the color theme. Sometimes the purchase of goods is not done in one shopping. So it is very necessary to bring examples of basic colors used in the room at home.

3. Use Metal Furniture

Metal is a versatile furniture material. Metal with silver color will bring a modern touch to the room. Black metal can enhance the industrial theme design. Whereas golden metal is suitable for an eclectic style.

Choose a table with metal legs, or metal pillar table lamps. Such small accents can add an eclectic impression that is sufficient and not excessive. In addition, this material tends to be durable because it is free of termites.

4. Choose Comfortable Furniture

‌Designing the room, especially the living room, things that must be considered are in the selection of furniture. The one thing to do for eclectic living room furniture is to choose furniture that is comfortable to use by homeowners. Make sure the fabric of the sofa and chair are soft. Then choose the soft pads sofa too.

5. Choose Supporting Furniture That Makes It Easy for Home Owners To Stay Tidy

Besides that, there’s nothing wrong with adding storage in certain parts, for example in an additional bench. Although in an eclectic style it is not required that the room look minimalist, but additional storage will make it easier for homeowners to maintain the neatness of the room.

A neat corner of the room such as a desk or cabinet can create a comfortable impression. Because in an eclectic room there will full of goods and displays. So there must be an empty spot. This point serves to balance the room.

Five ideas for designing an eclectic themed living room can also be applied in another room. Use items that have artistic and beauty value. Combine several different patterns with consistency so that the room remains comfortable to live in. Remember that the one thing to do for eclectic living room design is being brave but still in harmony.